what is a wagering requirement in bingo slots casino

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What is a wagering requirement? A wagering requirement is a requirement to wager (bet) a certain amount of times or in most cases a certain amount of money (bonus, real money or both) before you can keep any bonus cash or withdraw you real money. Each wagering requirement is different. So always read the T&C on the website.

It could be that you have to wager 30x the bonus and then you can withdraw everything. Or it could be you need to wager 50x the bonus and deposit amount. IT varies a lot. But so do the jackpots and RTP (return to player) %.

“When you play a bonus and lose, it can seem as though you have been tricked by the joker.”

Wagering requirements are put in place to stop the abuse of casino bonuses, promotions and promo codes . They all used to be much lower, but as time has progressed, so too have the wagering requirements/wager requirement (WR).

Most US casinos still offer a fairly low wager requirements, in the UK Wager requirements tend to be a bit higher. This discourages frivolous gambling/gamblers. In the EU/European and additional regions, there is a mixed medium WR.

Every casino is different. But if the casino does have a higher WR this does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. They might be paying out more or have higher jackpots and features. If for example you deposit £100.00 and you receive a bonus of £100 and the casino pays out 97% back to the player (average) and you need to wager £10,000 and you are playing 50 clicks per minute, you will be surprised how quick the WR is met! It’s a matter of time more than luck.

If the WR is high, do you have the time to play through all of that? Those who enjoy it might have. But those who want to make a quick buck will not have the time or patience for wagering requirements.

Once your welcome bonus is complete, you don’t have to opt in or accept the wagering bonus. But some casinos state that their bonus gives a higher chance of winning to new customers (during their bonus).

If you don’t reside in the UK you won’t be able to forfeit your bonus cash and may have a hard time to withdraw any real cash. Here in the UK, as far as I’m aware/informed, you can forfeit your bonus cash (forget bonus wins) and withdraw whatever cash money you have left in your account. The only variation of this, is if you must play all of your real cash before playing with bonus cash. Then you may or may not win. So if you win with real cash, withdraw it.

So those are just some examples. Bingo sites have different wagering requirements too. Often they are lower than UK casinos. But they will have some different rules like you must play your bingo tickets first and then wins become bonus cash. As mentioned, give the terms a quick read through and all should be well!

Games weighting and games may vary simply means that games which have a higher pay out like table games or high pay out slots (typically 97.5+%) will count as less towards your total wagering requirement, as you may win more. Table games and some slots do not contribute 100% to the wagering rules.

At Casinos-Directory.com we aim to give as many details about the significant terms as we can. But the player is always advised to read the terms themselves via the t&c links at the top and bottom of the page.

*This is an opinion based post. Always play responsibly. Begambleaware.org 18+

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