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What are binary options? What does binary options mean?

Binary options, stocks options and Forex options are basically a smaller way (option) to trade in stocks, shares, commodities, financials and cash out. Anyone who intends to invest or hedge funds, can begin trading with binary options as long as they have a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop they can begin from as little as $10.00!

If you already have experience with any of the above, you’ll gather how option platforms work, similar to financial betting vendors, the algorithms vary before the close. And that you have more choice than ever when you open a options account.

IQ Options is a great options platform that allows everyday users to buy and sell on all or any of the above markets. And it can be a lucrative way to earn extra (if you’re any good at it.). Those who are successful will usually win more than 50% of the time. This is a good way of knowing if trading, financials or binary options is for you.

The way the pros succeed or don’t lose everything, is to only invest 5-10% of their funds at any given moment. This way, win or lose, there’s more than a fair chance of making something back or increasing any existing profits.

*Please be aware this is not financial advice. As with any betting/trading your capital is at risk.

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