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Whilst playing slot games can be fun, we’ve noticed recently that many slot games now have a high volatility rate and this is not so fun for players. If they bet low, they will probably lose their money and if they bet high, they may be limited or penalised by the casino. Many people are wondering what’s happening in relation to online gaming in general. I think that the key point here is that while the industry is regulated, gambling is simply a form of entertainment. You are paying to be entertained and there is no guarantee of any win on any game.

They are making this clear to all players. So be aware, the days of easy wins and VIP wins are gone now I think. If you are playing to be in with a chance, similar to the lottery, okay fine. Your chances are slim but not as slim as the lottery.

Slot games have changed so much over the course of 2 or 3 years. It’s the slot design and host/network that’s mostly responsible. Casinos also set a profit limit. So there’s little to no point in blaming the casino. Slots and live games run on software and each person will take their cut before you the player gets any. You need to understand how slots work and how online casinos work OR be totally having the time of your life, to win anything at all (positivity attracts wins).

Slot players wold typically play the known and trusted slots sites and their favourite slots, win quite a bit, put it all back in again, complain and leave. This was back in the day when chat was also a part of slots sites. I have seen people win and lose thousands and even millions. And this was when the sites and slots paid out a lot more.

Nudging games is a big nono (most games). I often see wins and bonus symbols slide off. Its best not to. especially in a bonus round. If however, the first reels indicate success (3 reels) you may or may not attempt to secure the 4rth, 5th, 6th reels. It’s a matter of choice. Cheating at a casino is of course illegal. Sometimes it seems as though the casino is cheating us, when actually we are just cheating ourselves. You watch the symbols go by once more, and try again. But it’s already too late!

High Volatility Slots What Does It Mean?

Look for slot games that have a lower volatility rate and medium RTP % rather than high RTP% as these are likely to be more volatile and you will likely be left wondering why. A good example of this is Microgaming. These slots *may pay out a higher percentage with a larger coin size e.g. £2-£10, in terms of volatility. Similarly Megaways slots will pay our on low coin sizes but will pay out grands if you play with £10. All the other slots can perform well from as little as 10p to £2.00. There are medium jackpots to be won for around £1.20. You can win quite a bit from 50p. So some players may find they have an initial win on high volatility slots and then it pitters out.

You don’t always have to bet high to win. You can play on the lowest bet and still have an enjoyable time and small win. You can win more in the bonus round from a lower bet, than a higher one. Imagine putting in all your money and winning £19.00 on a £12 spin.

Best Slot Games To Play

Slots players used to seek out bonus guarantee slots (slots that guarantee a bonus round within a certain number of spins) and progressive jackpot slots. Half of the progressive jackpot slots were also bonus guarantee slots. An example of a bonus guarantee slot is Cleopatra. Rainbow riches also seems to trigger a bonus round in 50-100 spins.

But with so many slots available players are spoilt for choice and soon forget their favourite games and bonus guarantee games.

Things have changed dramatically and progressive jackpots are Jackpot King slots. When you trigger a row of jackpot symbols, you can enter the jackpot respin bonus. It is possible to win a large amount. I once triggered this on my mobile and could have easily have won .5 million! But I pressed the screen once too many times and I had other chances to pop that jackpot but someone else won it 20 minutes later. Which was a great shame. Jackpot King slots can be fun as long as they pay out while you play. The one I played had a gorilla or monkey. It is a pretty fun sot.

Daily Jackpots have proved popular. Though you many not win so much, there’s an hourly drop and medium and larger daily jackpots to be won. Persian Fortune slot is a classic but there are many more daily drop jackpots available now. Overall I think these are probably the most popluar.

Megaways slots. Just one thing to tell you about these slots. They are not all from the same software provider/maker and they don’t all pay out the same. You need to be careful as these games are highly enjoyable and the music and visuals can get you hooked. Wins are possible but harder to trigger.

Fishin’ Frenzy & Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways is probably one of the best slots going if you can get to the bonus round. Pirates Frenzy is a similar game that paid out okay. I tend to play older retro style games, just to see if there’s a jackpot waiting to be popped. Or I’ll look at new & promoted games if there’s a £100 prize to be won.

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