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Many people have taken to online bingo sites as an alternative to online casinos. Some also prefer online bingo sites to casinos, probably due to the fact there are more fun games to play, free bingo rooms and often the money often lasts longer.

You can get started playing bingo, and get access to free games, play 1p bingo for just £5.00. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Bingo is mostly for us Brits, but USA & Canada also like a quick game of bingo! And now many online casinos are hosting online bingo games, for the rest of the world. These are not live bingo games, but online bingo games, which are randomly won.

If you want to read more about online bingo sites, visit And if you fancy a change from the usual online casinos, and want to make your pennies last longer, then this is the best bingo site to find the top bingo offers.


The blog itself is more aimed at bingo beginners or those who have never played bingo before and wish to learn! They describe the online bingo experience well and provide some basic etiquette tips. They also share some of the larger sites where you might be luckier or have a better experience. Bingo is a fun game but is also a form of betting/gambling and a game of chance. You can win or lose, so remember to always play responsibly! is for those 18+ Always play responsibly.

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