Responsible Gambling

Whilst gambling online, it’s essential to play responsibly and not bet what you can’t afford. There are organisations and gambling support sites which provide gambling advice & practical support. You can phone gambling helplines if you prefer that method of contact.

So What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

Responsible gambling means, being responsible and accountable for what you bet AND ensuring you can afford to gamble at all. It also means you are responsible for setting time limits, taking breaks and choosing when to play/bet. Gambling can become addictive for a few people. Impulsive or compulsive gambling is playing irresponsibly because one has the urge. Gambling addicts may not be able to stop gambling, whether they are winning or losing.

Signs Of Gambling Addiction

Depression, becoming withdrawn or socialising less, not paying attention to duties, commitments or responsibilities. Other signs of addiction in general: not moving from one place, the computer, tablet or mobile device. Some people also suffer with hallucinations or other symptoms after playing for many hours at a time.

There are physical effects such as increased dopamine (high) followed by an anti climax and your heart rate increases.

When people are addicted to gambling, they will behave out of character and they many not be as happy as before. They will usually have financial worries and be stuck on how to fund their gambling addiction. But there are free games to play. But the experts recommend quitting all together, if this is a problem for you (with the right support).

The biggest risk of being addicted to gambling is betting and losing high stakes which affects your livelihood, quality of life, family and relationships. This is why it is so important to ensure you can afford to gamble, play only what you can afford and leave it there. When the fun stops, stop. Know your limits.

If you can’t stop or feel you are unable you could well be addicted to gambling and you will probably need some intervention or gambling help. Most people who are gambling addicts will never recover and will need support.

The Future Of Gambling

Gambling isn’t going away any time soon. So if you enjoy a flutter or spin, you are going to have to be cautious and careful of your own habits and choices. If you can afford to gamble and you enjoy it, that is fine. There’s no problem. On the other hand you might only play occasionally or bet on your favourite sports team, bingo or lottery instead.

It’s a matter of personal choice and it’s worth considering, for example, you might not gamble alone but with friends OR you might go to Las Vegas when you want to play on slot machines. You are in control of your life and spending. Keeping a healthy perspective and talking about it really helps.

Only the player can decide if they are in control. For those with a gambling addiction, often it’s better to just stop.

If a casino is concerned about your betting, they will exclude you from their site. UK gamblers can self exclude here.

Gambling Helplines & Organisations

Gambling Helplines:

National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) UK

Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858 Australia