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When looking for a casino nearby, you will likely be looking forward to spending with friends and making a night of it. The online casino experience is totally different. The main difference is that you get a bonus when you sign up. And most online casinos offer a virtual video casino experience instead of a real one.

Whilst some real casinos offer loyalty points or rewards, online casinos generally tend to offer many more bonuses and special promotions. When you spend your bonus, you may then spend your balance on real casino games, via the live dealer.

Online casinos can be enjoyed in a group setting on a smart TV, for example, a hen night theme or girls’ night in.

But they don’t offer the same experience of gambling for most males. Except for the poker & sports enthusiasts. Most males and some females prefer to play at a real casino.

Whilst most land-based casinos close for lockdown, the online casinos are filling up with new players. The lockdown took its toll on the land-based casinos. However, now many are seeking to play at live casinos. Now they are making a huge come back.

The main difference when you play online is the electronic method of depositing funds. At a real casino, you go to the cashier and buy chips. So you are physically buying chips and are aware of the money you’re spending. Online it can be easy to lose track of what you spend.

So the advantages and disadvantages are clear. You won’t get the same experience handling real money at an online casino. Or the atmosphere or a real casino. Live casinos online can be hooked up to any device, including TV, or a virtual headset (some casinos). But it’s a less of social activity and more of a personal leisure experience. The casino bonuses offered at online casinos are a clear advantage over the money spent and lost at physical casinos. But that is part of the excitement and fun. While visiting a real casino is an event, where you may win or lose money, gambling at home can also produce wins, but it can become addictive.

Online bingo & lottery sites can offer players more variety and entertainment, than your traditional online casino. Unless of course, you bet on sports. Either way, it is the players’ choice where they decide to play.

The online bonuses can take time to wager through. Generally speaking, one should look for a casino with a low wagering requirement. Or log out and resume later. Most bonuses have a time period also.

How Online Casinos Work

Online casinos use software which links you to a real casino or real software platform. And games use a random generator. Different games have different volatility. For example, some are easy to win, but wins are low to average. And some are more difficult to win, but they pay out on occasion and generally pay out more. Whilst looking for high RTP% games, one needs to consider the volatility of the game.

Live casinos use Dragonfish software and you can view the casino table as if you were there in person. Though most casinos don’t offer live casino bonuses, some do. Others allow you to play table games at 10% of your wagering requirement. Once the wagering requirement is met, you can use your funds to play live casino games.

Playing Safely Online

If you do decide to take an online casino bonus, it’s important to take a break, to get through your wagering requirement successfully. And then if you’re lucky, you can enjoy your casino winnings.

Explore promotions and only bet what you can afford to lose. Be aware and set limits on the deposits you make and the time you spend at online casinos.

How To Play Casino Games Online

First register at an online casino. Choose a number of games, and play through your bonus. Any winnings due can be withdrawn or played on games, such as live games, sports bets or bingo tickets (once the WR has been met).

Live casinos are connected to real casinos and can be enjoyed from home. Playing casino games alone can be more addictive for some. And any winnings you make should be withdrawn immediately.

Always keep your bet low, view the game information or try the demo slots or new slots promotions. Avoid getting stuck on the same game as you could lose money over time. Stay light-hearted about it.

The random generator allows players to win, respectively of the game volatility. So look out for games that pay out or don’t pay out. And change your bet size or game accordingly.

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Playing Casino Games On Your Mobile

Many online casinos now accept pay by mobile and G Pay methods, as well as PayPal. You can have a try at winning a jackpot on your mobile, chances are you could be lucky. Many players win from playing on their mobile. An example is someone who was ready for work and won a few million whilst he had a few minutes to spare. As the industry is moving to mobile gaming, there could be gold in them their hills!

Casino Rewards casinos are also known for turning new players into millionaires, with their enhanced chances (bonuses). Check out Casino Rewards.

Always Play Responsibly 18+ Only play what you can afford to lose. You can win or lose at any casino. Gambling can become addictive.

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