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There’s something you need to know about playing online slots. The game has changed drastically over the past few years in terms of wagering, games design, volatility and the actual costs involved in upgrading and advertising for the casinos.

So much has changed, that players are really feeling the pinch. What can players do to ensure they still have a good time playing slot games? Make sure you can afford it/play responsibly. Try to understand that the technology and the software has changed. The casinos don’t like to lose all their money either with big bonus promotions, low wagering and easy slots. There has to be some sort of middle ground. And that is where the UKGC have come in to check and test that everything is within accordance of the supposed RTP% and running of the casinos.

New software and new platforms mean more money. Winners/players get a percentage of the profit not the entire rig.

Casinos are big business. With the face of casinos now being online and the physical casinos still running, but bringing in less punters than before, can you understand the competition and the amount of promotions you are seeing?

The amount of players has increased. The community jackpots and jackpots are affected. There is literally so much going on. And only a seasoned player will have noticed all of these changes. Where there were maybe 1,000 players at a casino at one time, there are now probably 5,000 players at the casino at one time.

Then when you realise the casino is part of a network of casinos, this means there are like 20,000 or so players online all at the same time, taking resources from the platform, all betting on the same jackpots. This is a fictional example not a literal one. But try to understand the jackpots are literally there for everyone but there are many more players!

Divide the players, the jackpot, the profits and the RTP% and you think that it will amount to the same thing? Wrong. There may be new casinos open on that same network and even more players going for the jackpots.

Anyway, you get the picture. Some smaller casinos are actually very good with their payouts, likewise, some of the larger firms are also generous with their RTP% the extra 1% or 2% and settings within make all the difference.

Can You Win On Slots Online?

Yes you can. But even the smartest of players will get fatigue in the end. Smart gamblers can understand or calculate their betting automatically or logically/numerically. But like I said, sooner or later the end comes for all of us. Even the most promising of players.

Do People Try To Cheat Casinos?

Yes many people try to cheat casinos, abuse the casino bonuses and try to confuse the numerator/computer. And now they have anti cheating on the slots. Press it too many times and you will lose the symbols or features you’re trying to grab. Also if you try to cheat the casino, you will be monitored.

Casinos are a business and like any other business, or like the films, noone likes giving all their money away. Sometimes they will let the player win. But the greedier the players get, the anti-cheating function might kick in.

Try to control your playing and demonstrate you’re the type of player they want to see at the casino.

  • Play responsibly
  • Have fun
  • Play new promotions
  • Leave the casino
  • Refer friends
  • Enter sweepstakes and tournaments
  • Withdraw wins

It all makes common sense when you think about it. The less greedy you are, the more you will probably win!

*This is an opinion based post. We are not experts or have any advanced technical knowledge in casino machinery. Always play responsibly. 18+

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