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Beginners Guide To Online Slots, Tips For Beginners!

Here’s our beginners’ guide to online slots. We know that many gamblers bet at physical bookmakers. However, online slots can provide more opportunities/ways to win (remember you can win or lose at the casino). This is because there are many slot bonus promotions, free bet promotions and live casino promotions. Most of the bonus offers you’ll see are for slots. Though you can play some keno or scratch cards, even table games, they won’t count for your wagering amount at the full 100%. Slots do.

Steps to opening an online casino account (below) and read on for slot tips.

Step 1. Pick an online casino bonus

Step 2. Read t&c before you deposit

Step 3. Register/deposit card/PayPal

Step 4. Opt in for bonus *if not auto

Step 5. Verify email/upload an ID pic

You are now ready to play casino games and slot game online. The next thing you will want to do is to check your balance and bonus. If you have any questions, you should ask your cashier BEFORE you start playing.

Step 6. Check your balance/promotions

Step 7. Choose your casino games

Step 8. View the pay table/adjust coins

Step 9. Place your bets!

Step 10. Stay in control

To stay in control it is probably best to set your limits before you begin betting. This includes total loss, total win, wager amount, win amount, lower level betting, and increased spins amounts. And most importantly how long you will stay online playing slots.

Have refreshments and don’t stay too long. Beginners luck can happen but it also depends on the slots you play. You might want to check out more slots articles.

You can win and lose real money, so only play with what you can afford. And remember that gambling is for fun & entertainment. Try not to get too greedy and take things slowly. Remember you can withdraw your cash at any time if you live in the UK. You should be able to forfeit your bonus and withdraw your cash. *Dependant on which plays first, always read the t&c.

Hosts & Slot Tips

You can learn more slot tips by speaking with the cashier or hosts. Ask them which games are hot/popular or promoted. This is always a good idea as casinos often give bonus wins when they promote a new slot, (e.g chance to win €100). Ask the cashier how to withdraw your cash or check if you can. Wagering requirements can take a long time to play.

If you don’t have time to play then a casino with optional bonus may be better. Using the casino bonus is an option at some casinos. But the bonus is designed to make the most of your first time at the casino.

Wagering requirements lets say 30x deposit & bonus = 60x what you deposited, lets say. You deposited €100 and you now need to play through €6,000. But when slot games pay out 94-97% back on average (across all coin sizes/per hr) it is not that difficult to get through the wagering requirement. Baring in mind at that percentage rate, your balance will likely decrease on some of the slots. That’s why it’s best to change your games & coin size and take regular breaks.

Types Of Slots & Jackpots

  • Megaways Jackpots
  • Daily Drop Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Jackpot King
  • Poker Jackpots
  • Tournament Jackpots
  • Community Jackpots
  • Daily Race Jackpots
  • VIP Jackpots
  • Buy In Slots With Jackpots

Megaways Jackpots

Megaways Jackpot Slots are a new kind of slot that allows you the chance to win a jackpot. Collect 4 symbols for a chance to play the bonus. The Megaways slots are usually 8 reel slots and they have an additional reel at the top and one on the left, making them 10 reel slots (for example). When the bonus begins you will be offered free bonus spins and some of the Megaways slots have massive jackpots. Your symbols don’t have to be inline they just have to be across all the reels to win on Megaways slots.

The cascading/tumbling reels allow you the chance to collect the bonus symbols. Theoretically, getting bonus symbols or wild symbols all across the reels or the top symbol should be a big win/jackpot win. Medium-high volatility.

Daily Drop Jackpots

Daily Drop Jackpots have regular jackpots and the games are more than okay. There’s a jackpot meter to show you when the next jackpot is about to drop. You have smaller jackpots and then the larger one. It is not uncommon to win a small-medium jackpot while playing Daily Drop Jackpots.

When the jackpot symbol is shown (you need three or more), then you can go through to the jackpot round. You can then select the right symbol for your chance to win the major jackpot or a multiplier of your bet during the bonus rounds. Daily Drop Jackpot volatility low-medium.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressives usually hold a larger amount, and build up progressively over the period of approximately one month. For example each jackpot could be between 500,000 up to 3,000,000. The progressive jackpots in a casino is usually culminative of the jackpots across the entire casino network. So say for example a casino has 10 progressive jackpots, they may well have other casinos on the same network and linked to those jackpots.

Progressive jackpot payouts and returns RTP are not bad. RTP is average or slightly less than some of the best slots but gives more regular payouts than the high volatility slots we have mentioned previously (higher RTP but less chances). Slightly less than average returns, I’ve suffered no drastic losses playing progressive jackpots and the chance to pop a jackpot is fair. Low-medium volatility.

Casino Action

Jackpot King Slots

Jackpot King Slots usually have some amusing games and the way to trigger the jackpot is when the jackpot shows on all of the reels. It can be triggered randomly. You can click it or you can leave it and see if you get the chance to pop the jackpot!

There are then tiers of jackpots you are eligible to win. If you are fortunate enough to trigger a Jackpot King bonus round, you could win anything between 500,000-5,000,000 (for example). That would be the Major Jackpot. To get to the major jackpot you will need all of the symbols. And select Major Jackpot. When there are numerous chances, chances are the jackpot is about to pop. Jackpot King slots are medium volatility.

This is the end of our guide to online slots & jackpot slots. We hope you find it useful if not now, perhaps in the future. You can read more about slot races, VIP jackpots and community jackpots in our other posts.

Gambling is for entertainment. Always play responsibly! 18+

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